10 Minute Writing – 9/11/17

Colin McCalnick looked out his back window at the old chicken coop in his grandparent’s field. At least he thought it was a chicken coop. The truth was that he’d never asked them what the structure was. As a kid he was too busy watching Nickelodeon or getting scolded into doing the dishes to have any sit-down conversations with his grandparents. Pop-pop died when Colin was 13 and Nana died last year, right before Colin turned 25. It was only now, now that they were both gone, that he’d wished he’d made more time to talk to them. To ask them questions about the “maybe” chicken coop.

Now, he was sitting in the vacant house, looking out the window, and wondering what to do next. Two weeks ago he left his apartment with a few bags of his things. He wasn’t sure how to get the rest of his stuff, but figured it would be better to wait and check on that when things had calmed down a little.

“Colin, its fine for you to go to the farm, I just don’t know how healthy it will be for you to be out there all alone. Well, though, I guess if you can start cleaning the place up so we can get the lot onto the market you’d be helping us all out. Maybe you getting a divorce isn’t such a bad thing.”

His mother had a way of making every situation into a positive one, even if it stung a little. One of the things Colin loved about his mother was that she said whatever came to her mind. He liked that. It made him trust her. Even when she said shitty things, they were always the truth. She didn’t really know how to hold anything back.

When Colin was young, and the family would visit the farm, his mother would always clam up. She seemed to be afraid of her mother a bit. The car rides to the farm, all six hours of them, we so tense that silence sounded worse that the fighting…